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How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Style icons, ranging from the heroin chic Kate Moss to a more feminine Jessica Alba, love boyfriend jeans and style them in a variety of ways. Create a tomboy look or glamorous ensemble that will have people not only noticing your cute boyfriend jeans, but also your overall style.

How to wear boyfriend jeans is a common style question that many women have difficulty figuring out. Here we’ve broken down how to wear and how to style boyfriend jeans. Feel free to refer to this guide when creating your favorite boyfriend jeans look.

Rolled or Cuffed Jeans

When deciding between rolling or cuffing your boyfriend jeans, it’s important to know how long the jeans are and what style you want to create, as boyfriend jeans come in a variety of lengths. Depending on your height, you may have a lot of material dragging on the floor in which case it is best to cuff them tightly.

A thick cuff will hold more of the material in place and will keep your jeans just short enough to show off your favorite pair of shoes. Additionally, cuffed jeans tend to look more refined and can create contrast with your grungy look or complement a feminine one.

Rolling your boyfriend jeans is best when they’re cropped or looser. The roll looks best while messy and helps maintain the rural feel of the jean. This style also creates a grungier more casual look that can create a more authentic feel to the whole outfit. This look can also be used to contrast the rest of your outfit, or compliment it.

Relaxed or Dressed Up Jeans

Styling boyfriend jeans is easy once you know what look you want to create. The classic boyfriend jeans look is created with only a few basic pieces. We love pairing vintage boyfriend jeans with our favorite white t-shirt. Finish this classic and clean look with ballet slippers or sandals and a boxy jacket for a perfectly chic, off-duty vibe.

For a casual weekend or chic travel ensemble, pair your boyfriend jeans with of-the-moment slip-on sneakers and a t-shirt. You can always add a baseball cap or flannel shirt to channel a more tomboy or Rihanna-inspired style, all while keeping it comfortable.

When dressing up your outfit, boyfriend jeans and heels are the perfect combo. We love the look of slouchy boyfriend jeans paired with pointy heels, a half tucked tee and a structured blazer with a pop of color. This versatile look works at both the office and for a girl’s night out.

Wearing your boyfriend jeans starts with the structure and length presented to you. From there you can go on to create your perfect style, whether it be a feminine, casual, or glamorous look. Boyfriend jeans are no longer reserved for fashion forward celebrities only – find the right fit and you can mix and match outfits and styles using a variety of your favorite go-to pieces.

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